How we work

Parents2 works for parents of children with disabilities in Ukraine by collaborating with them.



Question based

Parents2 operates on a demand basis, and only initiates activities and projects in response to requests from parents. We are aware of the historical, social, political and cultural influences on the vision and choices of the parents, and that it has a direct impact on their projects. Therefore, we do not want to merely copy and paste ideas and experiences from the Netherlands. Parents2 aims to let parents share knowledge and work together, but in the end the parents will decide for themselves what they want to learn and how to apply the knowledge to their specific situation.


Professional volunteers

Parents2 focuses on working with people. To accomplish our goals, we cooperate with professionals from care and educational facilities. These professionals are given a certain amount of leave days per year to facilitate activities for Ukrainian parents pro bono, and they are expected to carry transport costs on their own.



Parents2 cooperates with other organizations where possible for developmental or capacity purposes.

In Ukraine they work with the National Assembly of Disabled people in Ukraine (NADU)


Do you have any question or do you want to contribute to our work? We would like to get in touch with you.


Parents2 supports the Ukrainian parents of children with disabilities.

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