Our vision

We are convinced parents have a key role in changing care and education for their children with disabilities.



Worries of parents

All parents of disabled children have two key questions:

  1. How will our child be able to survive in society in a way that is dignified and meaningful?
  2. Who looks after our child when we have passed on?


Proper organisation

Most developed countries have a decent care policy for people with limitations. In these countries people with disabilities are able to integrate and have access to care and education. They adhere to the UN’s policies for rights of the disabled. Parents in these countries have access to proper care and education for their children. They could appeal to these regulations to ensure a respectable life for their children.


It is not always the case

Unfortunately, in some countries it is not properly organised. There are countries where there are policies in place, but due to factors such as corruption, economic climate, or other political issues, the government does not comply.

Hence disabled children in these countries does not have access to quality education or care, and have no hope of a dignified existence. For the parents this is a heavy burden, since they have to take full responsibility for the present and future of their children. This could be unbearable for parents.



Parents seem to be unusually motivated in these circumstances to change the perspective for their children. Their disabled child is both the most precious and vulnerable person in their lives. Therefore, they have an intense drive to better their child’s circumstances, and they acknowledge that their child has limitations, but there are opportunities for further development. Because they know that they will receive no support from the government, these parents are prepared to formulate their own means of care and education.


This deserves support

Even though parents play a main role in the education and care for their disabled children, they can’t always realise it. They need the assistance of others who recognize the need for chance in situations like these.

They need others to help them gain insight about the nature of their child’s specific disability, and to voice their needs to political and social institutions. They will benefit from working with other parents, since acknowledgement and teamwork will offer better results in the end. Sometimes they would need financial support to start off a project.


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Parents2 supports the Ukrainian parents of children with disabilities.

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